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Location Water Systems, LLC Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) wastewater unit produces effluent that is safe for reuse on oil & gas exploration sites.

LWS MBR wastewater units are self-contained, transportable, remotely monitored and can be rigged in several hours. MBR effluent capacity is 2,000 gallons daily and is usable for down-hole purposes, dust control or wash water. Effluent output parameters are backed by routine sampling data.

MBR effluent is a clear and disinfected product. MBR technology is a proven superior system to the conventional activated sludge (CAS) systems technologies which gives the end user improved process control and high quality water. Our MBR effluent product consistently meets and exceeds all state regulations.

LWS complies with Texas Railroad Commission and the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality regulations. LWS can help oil companies in the permitting process if needed. Our water quality, as determined by the states regulatory authorities, has no environmental impact.

On-site wastewater treatment reduces vehicle traffic and accident or injury risk.

Unit costs are based on a daily rate charge.